Tommy Dreamer: "AEW Has Definitely Brought Excitement Back Into Professional Wrestling"

Reminded of the Monday Night Wars

Tommy Dreamer believes All Elite Wrestling have brought excitement back into professional wrestling ahead of the reported debuts of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. 

Punk has been out of the ring for seven years, but he is expected to return to the squared circle on tonight's edition of AEW Rampage. Danielson, on the other hand, has spent the last 11 years with WWE but he is reportedly scheduled to make his AEW debut at the September 22 episode of Rampage.

Speaking about Punk and Danielson's impending debuts with Wrestling Inc. at ECPW Slam Fest '21, Tommy Dreamer noted the situation reminded him of the Monday Night Wars.

"It reminds me of the Monday Night Wars. AEW has definitely brought excitement back into professional wrestling. If Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson and CM Punk show up in AEW, it's going to be like when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall showed up in WCW. They're going to be The Outsiders. There's a shift that's been going on, but it's must-see television. I like the fact that they're all on different nights because I don't have enough DVR space to watch both at the same time, but those two guys, if that happens, it'll be amazing for wrestling, and finally, we'll stop hearing the 'we want CM Punk' chants," Dreamer said.

Excitement is already building ahead of Punk's expected return to professional wrestling and 'Happy CM Punk' has been trending on social media for much of the day.


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