Undertaker Reveals "His Heart Sunk" When The Rock Appeared To Take Cody Rhodes' WrestleMania Main Event

The Undertaker was gutted for Cody Rhodes when it seemed like his WrestleMania main event was given to The Rock

The Undertaker’s journey into the podcast world has begun with the debut episode of his Six Feet Under podcast, on which he gives his thoughts on a variety of topics, one of which being the recent events of the Royal Rumble and Cody Rhodes appearing to give up his WrestleMania 40 main event to The Rock. 

This episode of the podcast was filmed before The Rock’s heel turn and Rhodes putting himself back in the mix for Roman Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, so The Undertaker was like many fans at the time - gutted for Rhodes. The Undertaker revealed that his “heart sank” watching The Rock emerge on SmackDown when he tuned in. 

"I wanted to hear Cody's promo. It was great. It was so good and I was so invested. When he said, '... just not at WrestleMania,' my freaking heart sunk into my stomach because I knew at that moment what was about to happen. Believe me, money-wise, having The Rock at WrestleMania, brother, come on, against Roman who has been Champion for what, 13 years now? Samoan versus Samoan. It's huge and it is what it is."

The Undertaker praised Rhodes’ ability to be professional, commending how he handled what was a tough situation at the time. 

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