Update On Former WWE NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley's Visa Situation

She recently returned to NXT TV...

In the days after WrestleMania 36, it emerged that Rhea Ripley would have to travel back to Australia to renew her work visa which was set to expire. She also planned to spend some time with her family in her home country and then head back to the US. 

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has ultimately prevented the former NXT Women's Champion from flying to Australia, and during a recent interview with Mike Johnson at PWInsider, Rhea revealed she will now have to renew her visa in the United States. 

The NXT star said: "It's very sad. I'm a huge family person. I love having my mom, my dad, and my sister around. I love having all my friends around from Australia and I really, really do miss them, and it's sad. Especially knowing that for WrestleMania, they were supposed to be in the crowd watching me. And then I had to go home and do my visa, which is now... I have to do it from here somehow. 

"And then my sister was coming back to do a camp that I don't remember what it was called, but a camp. I was supposed to spend a lot of time with them and knowing that I won't get to see them for a lot longer now it's sad because I haven't seen them since I want to say Christmas, and it's too long for me. I miss my family. FaceTime can only do so much. I want to give him a hug. I want to spend time with them. So I was talking to my mom and she was saying that possibly Australia might not open up its border for like two years. And I'm like, that's so long for me."


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