Vince McMahon Not Planning To Launch His Own Promotion

Vince McMahon won't be returning to the wrestling business

News of WWE’s continued disassociation with Vince McMahon and vice versa has been making the rounds for the last few months, with it emerging that McMahon was putting all of his remaining WWE stocks up for sale, which will officially close the door on McMahon’s connection to the company after leaving his several roles earlier this year. 

When looking ahead, Vince McMahon is supposedly not looking to shy away, hide, or even retire following a public lawsuit alleging him for sex trafficking and abuse. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that someone close to McMahon has stated that the 78 year old is looking to start up business ventures. 

Despite being involved in the professional wrestling business since the late 1960s, procuring ownership of WWE in the 1980s and growing it into the worldwide force that it proceeded to be for decades, McMahon is reportedly not looking to continue his business in the wrestling world. It is said that he does not have the idea of starting a new promotion, with the feeling from most being that starting from scratch is not viable.

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Written by Andrew Kelly