WATCH: AJ Styles Impersonates Stone Cold Steve Austin After WWE SmackDown Live Goes Off The Air


When a WWE show goes off the air, the Superstars make sure to give the fans who parted with their hard-earned cash to attend the event a big old exclusive treat. In years gone by the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Chris Jericho became well-known for their shenanigans following an episode of Raw and SmackDown.

These 'bits' continue to this day, with former WWE Champion AJ Styles delighting the crowd in Alabama following this week's SmackDown Live and 205 Live tapings.

AJ took on Daniel Byran for the WWE Championship in the dark match of the night, with Bryan getting himself disqualified in order to keep his title.

Bryan then cut a promo on the crowd, having a go at them for their football team among other things, before Styles came back out to attack his opponent at next weekend's Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Then, in the voice of Stone Cold, AJ asked the crowd if they wanted to see him hit Bryan with a Phenomenal Forearm. After doing so, Styles did the old Austin beer can schtick with bottles of water.

I'm sure Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were loving what they were seeing here...


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