Will Ospreay & Randy Orton Want To Wrestle Each Other

WWE vs. NJPW...

New Japan Pro Wrestling star Will Ospreay and WWE's Randy Orton want to wrestle each other - that's the result of the latest episode of BBC 2's hit show: 'Will Ospreay gets involved in Twitter shenanigans with a wrestler who wrestles for another company'. 

Yes, not too long after his Twitter BEEF with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins was resolved in a very wholesome manner, Ospreay found himself on the receiving end of a reply from the 13-time WWE world champion.

Will tweeted out: “Execute the plan that makes you smile every single minute of every single day.”

Orton then quoted that tweet and replied: "Good luck with that sh*t."

Randy then dangled a really unrealistic carrot by tweeting again: "Realistically speaking there’s nothing that you could ‘plan’ that makes you ‘smile every single minute of every single day’. But WWE IS all about putting smiles on faces. 06/2020."

Ospreay then replied to that unrealistic carrot with an equally unrealistic carrot of his own: "Realistically nah maybe you got me there. I’m happy tho Hope you are happy where you are. But unfortunately my friend I’m here for the long run. I mean you’re like a multi-time champ, could you just leave for a bit come here for #OspreayVsOrton then go back...just saying"

Orton then ended the exchange with a little jab at WWE for not inviting him to tonight's Raw Reunion: "Sounds like $ to me. I’ll ask Tuesday at since I’m not on the "

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