WWE 24/7 Title Changes Hands Nine Times During Raw Reunion (EVENT SPOILERS)

An eventful night to say the least...

With Tampa's Amalie Arena teeming with classic WWE stars, you had a feeling that a few retro rumblers might just cross paths with R-Truth, or whoever reigned as 24/7 champion in that moment. Indeed, throughout the three hour broadcast, one familiar face after another entered the fray, laying claim to the always-at-stake strap.

In all, the title changed hands nine times. Here's how the night played out.

*R-Truth lost the belt to perpetual rival Drake Maverick backstage, as Truth was distracted by Maverick's wife Renee Michelle.

*Pat Patterson then pinned Maverick as the champion fell down while trying to escape The Boogeyman. At 78 years of age, Patterson is likely the oldest person to win a belt in WWE, surpassing The Fabulous Moolah's mark of 76 (upon winning the Women's title for a brief spell) in 1999.

*Gerald Brisco then pinned longtime friend Patterson, in a bit that was done off-screen.

*Kelly Kelly then pinned Brisco, after hitting him with a low blow during an apparent celebration.

*Candace Michelle then pinned Kelly, with the fall counted by Melina (who claimed to have just gotten her referee's license)

*Alundra Blayze immediately choked out Candace with a sleeper hold to claim the title.

*Ted Dibiase then purchased the belt from Blayze (a nod to his invalidated WWE title reign from 1988), as Madusa was about to trash the belt (a nod to what Blayze, as Madusa, did to the WWE Women's title on WCW Nitro in 1995)

*Maverick pinned Dibiase, catching him while lying in wait in the back of a limousine, to begin his fourth reign with the belt.

*Truth pinned Maverick as Maverick attempted to leave the building, to begin his tenth reign.

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