WWE NXT In Talks With AAA

WWE NXT believed to be in talks with AAA

The new regime of WWE is more open to working with outside wrestling promotions than the regime of old, with WWE NXT working with TNA Wrestling, whilst partnerships with Pro Wrestling NOAH and Marigold are also beginning to grow.

A report from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that WWE are looking to work with more companies across the planet, with discussions concerning a working relationship between NXT and Lucha Libre AAA believed to be ongoing.

A report earlier this week suggested that WWE were looking to work with promotions in Mexico and Puerto Rico, with Meltzer stating that NXT have been in talks with AAA’s Dorian Roldan, although no further information has been revealed at this point.

AAA have been working with All Elite Wrestling for several years, with several AEW talent recently working AAA’s TripleMania show. However, the relationship between AAA and AEW is not as strong as it was in the past due to AEW entering a working agreement with AAA’s sworn rival CMLL, whilst AAA talent Dragon Lee's revelation on a AAA broadcast that he was joining WWE - mere moments after defeating AEW stars FTR in tag action - angered AEW.

Meltzer believes that WWE would like to work with CMLL, but their relationship with AEW and NJPW (another AEW partner) makes this unlikely at this point.

WWE had a working relationship with AAA in the mid-90s, with several AAA talents working the 1997 Royal Rumble, with the two sides exchanging talent for part of the year.

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