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Miro Addresses Absence From AEW TV

It’s been a great bugbear of AEW fans in 2022 - just where oh where is Miro? The former TNT Champion has been conspicuous by his absence from AEW this year, wrestling just four times, with his...


Miro Happy With AEW Schedule

It seemed as though there was potential dissension in AEW, with former TNT Champion Miro liking Tweets that suggested he was being misused in AEW. However, during an appearance on Renée Paquette’s...


Miro In Attendance At WWE WrestleMania 37

WWE WrestleMania 37 was a rousing success this weekend. Even ignoring results, buy-rates etc. the mere fact it was the first WWE event with fans attending in over a year made this a success before a...


Miro: I Was Like A Circus Bear In WWE

Since leaving WWE in April 2020, Miro hasn’t looked back, and after somewhat of a stuttering start in AEW, now stands aloft as the TNT Champion. But the problem for Miro is he’s just too good at...