10 Best Becky Lynch WWE Matches

From NXT to the main roster, The Man has impressed…


Temporarily, we were deprived of getting to see Becky Lynch take on Ronda Rousey, as the unfortunate injury to Lynch necessitated removing the match from Survivor Series. From the reports that have been circulating, it seems like the anticipation will only have time to grow even moreso, as WrestleMania 35 looks to be the new destination for Lynch vs. Rousey, with rumours that it might even be the main event of WWE’s biggest extravaganza.

Whenever Lynch/Rousey takes place, it will almost certainly find a place near the top of Lynch’s already-impressive WWE/NXT portfolio. Since the time that Lynch began to shine a singles threat down at Full Sail, fans have flocked to The Man for her impressive in-ring abilities and her natural charisma, the latter of which has blossomed even further since her heel turn at SummerSlam.

With Lynch out of action for the foreseeable future, now would be a good time to take a look back at Lynch’s greatest hits from the last four years of her career. The Women’s Revolution has been spearheaded from some truly gifted performers that have delivered excellent matches, and Lynch is undoubtedly one of the undeniable leaders of that class. Here are the best matches of her WWE/NXT resume so far…

10. Vs. Natalya (Battleground 2016)


Becky and Natalya were tasked with trying to follow an excellent Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens match, trapped in what is often referred to as the “death slot”. You know, where the crowd’s trying to catch their breath, collect themselves, and prepare for the bigger matches later in the night. Becky and Nattie were essentially there to exist during said breather, but they ended up putting on a very good match.

Their battle was somewhat basic, psychologically-sound match based around Natalya working over Becky’s knee, with Lynch playing the role of valiant babyface that tries her hardest to overcome the pain. Natalya would ultimately get the win via the Sharpshooter, in the midst of a heel run that didn’t exactly set the world on fire. For what it was, it wasn’t a match that was placed in its spot to be admired, but ended being a darn good “wrestling” match.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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