10 Best Moments In WWE Hell In A Cell History

“That’s gotta be Kane!”


As of 5 October, Hell in a Cell can legally buy booze. It’s downright incredible, hard to believe, that WWE’s alpha and omega of gimmick matches is almost 21 years old, an invention of the wild and woolly Attitude Era that has demonstrated indisputable lasting power. When the lights dim, the cage begins its descent, and the subtle thumping of the background music blares across the arena, WWE fans know they’re about to witness the closest thing allowable by the company that resembles a fight to the death.

Through the years, there have been more than three dozen cell matches, some more memorable than others. With Hell in a Cell getting its own assigned spot on the WWE calendar, some of the matches designated for the cell have admittedly kinda paled to its predecessors, the matches that were booked for the giant cage as a means of settling ultimate scores. But to this day, the match will still spawn its share of cool moments.

Paring a list of the best cell bits down to just 10 best has its challenges, but that’s why challenges are met. Here are the 10 very best moments in WWE’s two-decade history of presenting Hell in a Cell matches…

10. If Del Rio Wins, We Riot (2011)


The triple threat match in which Alberto Del Rio won the WWE Championship against champion John Cena and fellow challenger CM Punk was pretty solid – not great, not bad, but somewhere in the workable groove. Just when it seemed like another decent-enough WWE pay-per-view was about to fade to black, things came unglued.

The Miz and R-Truth emerged wearing identity-concealing hoodies, brandishing metal pipes. They attacked everybody inside the cage, padlocking the door from the inside, which prompted police officers, Triple H, and the entire locker room to come running out, in an attempt to get inside the cage to stop the onslaught. Once the padlock was broken, Miz and Truth calmly surrendered to the cops, with not a hint of remorse. This made the two look positively badass, until Cena and The Rock undid all of that, sadly.

Hey, the highlights of this moment is one of the most watched videos on WWE’s YouTube channel ever, with over 42 million hits at the time of writing. HUGE! 

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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