10 Things We Learned From WWE SummerSlam 2006

Hulk Hogan’s last WWE match…


The year 2006 took place more than a decade ago, and with hindsight, we come to realize just how truly bizarre WWE was in that year. While the likes of John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, and Edge properly represented the modern era of Superstar, there was also all too much star-gazing into the galaxies of yesteryear. The infiltration of nostalgia was in full swing, and while it was fun to see a mash-up of different eras, there didn’t seem to be so much room for the current crop to properly breathe.

When Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, DX, and The McMahons are all wrestling high-profile matches on a pay-per-view in 2006, something seems slightly amiss. Add to it the fact that WWE had now bloated to three brands thanks to the advent of WWECW, and you have an old promotional concept getting squeezed into the fold, although that flavour would be dulled quickly enough.

As far as SummerSlam 2006 goes, there have been worse SummerSlams, but this certainly is far from being one of the best. Somewhere along the way, when WWE was jam-packing one of their Big Four events with technicolour and skyrockets, quality assurance went out the window. With a couple exceptions, there wasn’t much substance behind the propped-up backdrop.

10. Score One For Beantown

The Boston area has had it pretty great this millennium when it comes to sports: three World Series wins for the Red Sox, five Super Bowls for the Patriots, and NBA Championship and Stanley Cup wins for the Celtics and Bruins, respectively. Not even Tom Brady’s drop of a wide-open pass in Super Bowl LII can diminish the joy felt by regions in the 2000s.

Boston was the location of SummerSlam 2006, and with it came a unique distinction – Boston became the first city to host each of the Big Five pay-per-views. In succession, Survivor Series 1993 (at the old Boston Garden), WrestleMania XIV, King of the Ring 2000, and Royal Rumble 2003 preceded this SummerSlam. The only other city to manage this feat was Philadelphia, who pulled it off later in the year by hosting Survivor Series 2006. Cheer up, Philly – at least Nick Foles caught *his* pass.

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