10 WCW Concepts WWE Need To Bring Back

WarGames, Starrcade… what’s next?


A buddy of mine on Facebook asked in a post if he knew anybody that was going to Starrcade this weekend. I have to admit, the sentence gave me a little pause because 1) it’s not every day that somebody asks friends on social media if they’re going to “Starrcade”, and 2) I’d forgotten it was even happening. A glorified house show that cashes in on a wrestling event stepped in heritage that just so happens to be the same weekend as the popular WrestleCade does make one go, “Hmm.”

It’s not the first time that WWE has lifted an old WCW concept. Seeing WarGames down in NXT comes to mind. An event like The Great American Bash, despite the WWE versions steering clear of the show’s Baltimore heritage, is another NWA/WCW standby that was brought back to life. Even “Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal” would see new life under the name “Raw Roulette”.

Since WWE is still willing to conjure up old WCW names, concepts, and the like, may I suggest just a few more that deserve to see the light of day again. WCW may have been gone for 17+ years, but we could always use a few more nods to a sorely-missed promotion (warts and all)…

10. Main Roster WarGames


Triple H was reportedly a major advocate of the two-ring, steel cage melee that would be used to settle scores between two bloodthirsty groups of warriors. His proposal to have just such a match at the 2002 Survivor Series was turned down, although in the compromise, we were given the Elimination Chamber, so there’s that, at least.

NXT has done well using the match twice (the traditional rules match of 2018, however, was muuuuuuuuch better than the 2017 version), but it’s something worth visiting on the main shows. Given WWE’s premium on war between the brands, a definitive blowoff match like WarGames would fit perfectly. And let’s be honest here, wouldn’t the WWE/Alliance feud have been better served by having the McMahon army beat the opposition at their own game?

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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