10 Biggest WWE 'Never Say Never' Moments

Never say never in WWE

9. The Ultimate Warrior gets closure

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Few splits in WWE history have been as acrimonious as the one between the company and The Ultimate Warrior. 

Jim Hellwig and Vince McMahon parted ways in strained circumstances on multiple occasions and things seemed irrevocably broken after the last time in 1996. 

Bad blood ensued and lawsuits flew thick and fast as each side tried to disparage the other while attempting to gain control of the Ultimate Warrior intellectual property. Things got so bad between the two that WWE even released their very own smear campaign DVD – the Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior – in 2005. 

Warrior’s inclusion in one of the WWE 2K video games helped open the door for his proper return to the company in 2014, however, aided by Triple H working as an intermediary. 

18 years after last wrestling in a WWE ring, The Ultimate Warrior took his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Even sweeter, he got to make amends with those who he had badmouthed (and who had badmouthed him) and got to share the moment with his two young daughters. It became all the more poignant when he shockingly passed away just days later.

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