10 Most Surprising WWE Main Eventers

Several surprise choices to go on last!

9. Farooq

Ron simmons in wwe


Ron Simmons is a legend in wrestling, a man's man who made history by becoming the first black World Champion in WCW history back in 1992.

By 1997, however, those days were long gone and Farooq was settled firmly in the midcard as the leader of the Nation of Domination stable.

The Nation were catching on, mind you, and Farooq was doing some strong work (particularly on the microphone) in the run-up to his WWE Title opportunity against backstage pal The Undertaker at King of the Ring. 

It wasn't the strongest headliner in the world, with WWE likely thinking that the King of the Ring tournament itself was the main draw. With Bret Hart out injured and the best of the rest vying for the crown, Simmons was as good a choice as any, I suppose, even if this really does stick out as an out-of-place show closer. 

The match itself was far from thrilling, unfortunately. The ending hinted at The Deadman next facing off with Ahmed Johnson at the following pay-per-view Canadian Stampede, but the Pearl River Powerhouse suffered an injury and it never happened. 

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