5 Biggest Headlines From WWE Extreme Rules 2020

"Horror Show" was apropos, in some respects...

4. Rey Mysterio Gets His Eye Put Out

So yeah, Rey Mysterio lost an eye. It took a long exchange of wrestling moves and holds between he and Seth Rollins, but eventually, Rollins managed to use the corner of the ring steps to extract Mysterio's eyeball from its socket. Think that's called a callback.

The aftermath told the story. A disgusted and disturbed Rollins began throwing up at ringside. The faux fans began lightly slapping their hands on the plexiglass to express their boundless rage. The distraught commentators could barely handle the segue out of a Last Ride commercial. Madness.

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The Horror Show At WWE Extreme Rules Live Results

The Horror Show At WWE Extreme Rules Results

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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