5 Directions For New WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Following WrestleMania 36

Where does the new champ go from here?

4. Seth Rollins

Seth rollins

When poring over WrestleMania weekend's results, something glaring stood out: if you don't count Charlotte Flair beating Rhea Ripley, no heel on the Raw brand won their match. There were a lot of feelgood victories draped in red, so that puts a damper on heels with momentum making a play for the new champ. Rehabbing the top villains, though, shouldn't be too hard.

Case in point, Rollins, who spruces up easily enough. His merry band of disciples may be depleted due to injuries and illness, but he can always acquire new henchmen (Viking Raiders turning heel?). Rollins using the numbers game to go at McIntyre is a sensible, if paint-by-numbers, angle.

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