5 Most Incredible Backstage Controversies In WWE WrestleMania History

'Mania night doesn't always go the way Vince McMahon would like it to...

4. Jake The Snake Demands His Release (WrestleMania 8)

Jake roberts undertaker

Earlier that very same night, McMahon found himself in a highly-contentious situation with Jake Roberts. The ageing veteran had demanded his release sometime earlier, due to being passed over for Pat Patterson's vacated backstage position, but was denied.

But Roberts had a plan. With a WCW contract waiting for him as soon as he escaped WWF, he demanded his release again - on the night of WrestleMania, shortly before going out to wrestle The Undertaker. If he didn't get it, he was going to no-show the planned match.

Roberts' simple game of hardball netted him his written release then and there. He then put Undertaker over, and was gone from the company.

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