Adam Copeland Told Darby Allin To Chill Out, Darby Pointed Out Edge Went Head-First Through A Flaming Table

Adam Copeland tried to get Darby Allin to chill out when it comes to in-ring stunts.

As a man whose participation in legendary ladder and TLC matches led to years of neck issues thought to be career-ending, Adam Copeland is well positioned to speak from experience about the consequences that come from performing risky moves and stunts.

Speaking with Adrian Hernandez, the WWE Hall of Famer noted that he has told his new AEW colleague Darby Allin to take it easy when it comes to what he puts his body through inside (and outside) of the ring. 

The 30-year-old daredevil had a ready retort, however.

"So here's the deal, I told him to chill out. I was like, I don't be one of those guys like, 'Back in my day'. He goes, 'Back in your day, you jumped face-first through a flaming table'. I'm like, yeah, there's that, right. So what can I say? I get it. He is distinctly his own thing. His own thing is really cool. Sometimes, you can't try and stop that. It just has to happen. He's just one of those guys. He's gonna go climb Everest soon, and he's never mountain-climbed before. Who does that? Well, Darby does. I realised, oh, that's just it. If there's a slogan I need for him, it's 'Oh, Darby does'. I love that about him," Copeland said.

The spot Darby is referring to is when Copeland (as Edge) speared Mick Foley off the ring apron and through a flaming table at WrestleMania 22.

Copeland and Allin teamed up with Sting to defeat The Patriarchy (Christian Cage, Nick Wayne, and Luchasaurus) at AEW Full Gear this past weekend. 

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