AEW's CM Punk On Who Is The Best Wrestler In The World

It isn't Shane McMahon

While he has been nicknamed 'The Best In The World' for much of his in-ring career, CM Punk doesn't believe he is the best wrestler in the world today.

Punk instead considers the likes of Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega, Roman Reigns and some New Japan Pro-Wrestling talents to be the best wrestlers inside the squared circle

"You could say it's Bryan Danielson. You could say it's Kenny Omega. There's an argument for Roman Reigns. I think now, in 2021, like I said, I think this has been the murkiest it's been in a very long time," Punk said on Rasslin' with Brandon Walker

"There's a couple years it was Bryan Danielson, and I think if you have your finger on the pulse of wrestling, there always feels like there was a guy that was 'oh this guy's the best,' and that's kind of how the evolution of 'chip on his shoulder' CM Punk happened is because I was in a company that would never position me as anything, really. I had to fight for everything, and to me, it was obvious. Come on guys, this is pretty obvious," he continued.

"There's guys in New Japan too. Where else can you see AEW talent wrestle New Japan talent or New Japan talent wrestle guys on the indies? There's that whole 'forbidden door' aspect of AEW that should be very appealing if anybody out there wants to find out who in fact is the best wrestler in the world.

"If New York City is the centre of the wrestling world and you're so up your ass about ratings, and buy rates, and ticket sales and all that other stuff, well, AEW is the best wrestler in the world because we just packed 20,000 people in Arthur Ashe Stadium," Punk concluded.

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