Brett Lauderdale Thinks Jon Moxley Will Return To GCW

Jon Moxley recently dropped the GCW Title to Nick Gage

After AEW announced that World Champion Jon Moxley had signed a new deal with the promotion, reports emerged stating that Moxley’s new deal would likely prevent him from working for GCW, with Mox dropping the GCW World Title to Nick Gage shortly after his deal was announced.

Now, during an appearance on the Business of the Business podcast, GCW head Brett Lauderdale has given his take on Moxley’s AEW deal, and his potential future with GCW:

“I’ve had very little interaction with AEW itself over the years,” said Lauderdale. “Booking Moxley, I never spoke to AEW, it always was just Mox, talking to him and him handling I guess whatever needed to be handled with AEW. But I’m sure things are gonna change now. I don’t think we’ll see him as frequently. But I do think we’ll see him again. I think if there comes a time where there’s somebody he wants to wrestle or a show he wants to be a part of, I think he’ll be there. I think he’ll let me know in much the same way he’s let me know over the last, whatever it was, 399 days. He’ll shoot me a text and say, ‘What do you got coming up in this month?’ Or ‘When are you gonna be in this place?’ That’s how it would often come together. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear from him again in a few months or six months or whatever, sometime in the next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back again and stops in for another event. But again, he does have priorities, and I don’t expect it. I don’t know what the word is… I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ll continue to look at it as a bonus any time he comes around.”

Lauderdale continued, noting that Mox does the Indies for the love of independent wrestling, not for the money:

“Again, he’s not doing it for the money. This guy does not need money from indie wrestling companies, and I can’t pay him anything close to what he probably gets paid on a weekly basis from AEW, nor would he ever expect that or ask for that. He’s just here because there’s a side of him that still loves indie wrestling. That’s where he came from and it’s part of his personality. I think that there’s a reason why he has done so many shows for us and was cool with being our champion for over a year. I think that’s because he respects us and what we do and what we stand for. So again, Mox is a guy who, even with this new contract, I still think he has the ability to call a lot of his own shots, and if he were to ever ask for a favour or ask for permission for something, I can’t see Tony Khan saying no forever. I think there’s always a time and a place or a reason that could make sense. So we’ll see," Lauderdale said.

After reports emerged stating Moxley potentially couldn’t work GCW events moving forward, it was also reported that AEW doesn’t want its talent wrestling for GCW at all:

“I don’t know, I’ll be honest. The real honest answer is I don’t know what our relationship is with AEW, and I don’t mean that in a bad way or a good way. Again, I have very little direct interaction with AEW. So I don’t know. In terms of there being AEW people being banned or barred from wrestling for GCW, I’m not sure that such an edict exists. I would think that if that was a rule, I would think I would know. But again, they don’t send me a weekly email or an update. So I’m not sure. Everything’s just on a case-by-case basis. So we’ll see. I think that we’re very fortunate and I’m very grateful for all the times that they have been gracious to allow their talent to come and work for us. Even if it is the end, even if we’re not gonna be seeing their people around anymore, it’s been good while it lasted, and it’s helped our company a lot and I’m thankful for grateful for that," Lauderdale said.

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