British Strong Style Reunite On WWE SmackDown

Tyler Bate & Butch teamed up on SmackDown

It has been a long time coming, but Tyler Bate has finally debuted on the WWE main roster. In the lead up to last night’s Friday Night SmackDown, Butch was in need of a tag team partner for his match against Elton Prince & Kit Wilson of Pretty Deadly, after being previously abandoned by his former Brawling Brutes ally, Ridge Holland. 

Butch found a partner in time for the show, as Tyler Bate emerged to reunite the British Strong Style team on SmackDown. The pair worked together to defeat Pretty Deadly with a double Tiger Driver ‘97 to win the match. 

Butch and Bate have been both friends and rivals over the course of their professional wrestling careers, teaming up on the independent scene before becoming enemies in NXT UK, where they competed in a variety of high quality matches for the NXT UK Championship. There was recent talk of Tyler Bate being considered for a main roster call up, and it looks as though Triple H was in fact ready for him to appear on SmackDown.

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Written by Andrew Kelly