Chris Jericho Says AEW Is Going To Thrive With Or Without CM Punk

Chris Jericho Has Stated That AEW Will Continue To Succeed With Or Without CM Punk

CM Punk has been at the forefront of a lot of speculation, controversy, and discussion over the last week or so following an Instagram post which told his side of the story when it came to his foot injury, return, and squash match loss against Jon Moxley. He would call out the likes of Dave Meltzer and Chris Jericho, branding them both as liars. 

When speaking on Mark Madden’s radio show, Chris Jericho provided some comments on Punk and a potential AEW return; 

“I'm not (on Punk's Christmas card list) but I wasn't on Scott Hall's Christmas card list, or I wasn't on Eric Bischoff's Christmas card list, you don't have to be best friends to co-exist. To me, that's not really my wheelhouse, I'm not in charge of that. I'm sure there will be some answers to that pretty quickly, I would assume, either way. But to us, AEW is going to thrive and survive with or without him.”

It was reported in the aftermath of Brawl Out that Jericho had branded Punk “a cancer”, and had promised the AEW locker room that Punk wouldn’t be back, though with some time passing since then, these comments indicate that he wouldn’t be absolutely against working alongside Punk in AEW. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly