Cody Rhodes Still 'Not Flinching' Over Possibly Losing WWE WrestleMania 40 Main Event Spot

Cody Rhodes not worried about his potential WWE WrestleMania 40 main event spot

For the past year wrestling fans have wondered just when - if ever - will Cody Rhodes ‘finish the story’ and lift the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship?

After a stunning defeat at the hands of Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, most assumed Rhodes would get his day at Mania XL on April 6 and April 7, 2024, although the likelihood of that has been plunged into doubt following the recent WWE return of The Rock.

Despite 'The Great One’s' looming presence - never mind that of CM Punk - Rhodes isn’t daunted, and told Sports Illustrated that he’s determined as ever to main event Mania:

“The Rock is The Great One – he’s still electrifying,” said Rhodes. “CM Punk is one of the greatest stars in the history of wrestling. I know what I’m up against. Look at the roster–it’s loaded with stars. But that doesn’t bother me. I’m not flinching. I’m not rooting against anyone else, I’m just working to make it happen.”

Rhodes continued, noting his connection with the fans and several notable victories to his name post-WrestleMania 39 are spurring his run:

“This job, it’s not like punching a clock, it’s a really fun movement with the fans. We’re really enjoying this moment that we’re having together. And I only get better with a heavy schedule. I’m able to be the best I’ve ever been because I’m doing it so frequently.

“That confidence has really been snowballing. I hit milestones I didn’t anticipate. Beating Brock Lesnar twice, for example. I keep thinking, ‘What’s better than this?’ It’s the way each of those moments has connected with the fans. They’ve given me their trust. That has made me even more confident,” said Rhodes.

‘The American Nightmare’ has already followed in the footsteps of his father the legendary Dusty Rhodes by reigning as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, but wants to go one better and lift the belt ‘The American Dream’ never did.

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