Darby Allin On How He Found Out About CM Punk Match At AEW All Out

Darby fought Punk in his return match

2021 has been such a strange year in wrestling that you almost forget that CM Punk returned after seven years away from the business, rocking up to AEW in September, and challenging Darby Allin to a match at All Out in Chicago.

It was a monumental moment in a period of monumental moments, especially for Darby Allin, and Allin revealed to Chris Van Vliet just when he found out about the match, saying on Insight:

“I was talking to Tony [Khan] on the phone. You don’t believe something until it happens, and then once I cut the promo about the best in the world that aired in North Carolina, I knew that it was a done deal and it was go time. That was the highest pressure moment ever because I knew everyone was going to be watching him because it’s such a big thing.

“Seven years, holy s***, that’s a long time. For him to leave wrestling the way he did and to come back, people weren’t sure if he ever was going to come back. So when he did, and I was the first opponent, I was so nervous. I was in a zone, and I’ve been in a few zones in life, but like I was in a zone that day where I was like it’s not going to get more nerve wracking than this. It’s cool to get moments like that because it does make you mentally stronger. But it started hitting me hard because I remember when he left wrestling in 2014, it was the same year that I started wrestling. At the time he was my favourite wrestler. Besides the whole straight edge, it was the punk rock, and the I don’t give a s*** about what you think about me attitude. It was cool as a kid watching him, but then it hit me. When he left, I was a dishwasher, and dude, life is a trip, so I got a little teary eyed before that match.”


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