Dax Harwood Says FTR Have To Be 'Main Event-Level Guys' In AEW

Dax Harwood wants a seat at the top table for FTR in AEW

FTR have referred to themselves as the ‘Top Guys’ for years, with their historic title-laden run in AEW all but cementing their status as one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

Speculation surrounding the team’s future was seemingly ended at AEW Revolution when Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler returned to the company to face off with tag champions The Gunns. However, Dax Harwood believes FTR should be positioned as a ‘main event-level’ act going forward if they are to stay with AEW:

"If we stick around in AEW after the thing with the Gunns is over with, we have to be presented as main event-level guys. We have to be presented as, no pun intended, top guys. Because if we don't...the same thing that happened last year is gonna happen this year,” said Harwood on the FTR with Dax podcast.

Many criticised AEW and Tony Khan for dropping the ball with FTR in the latter half of 2022, with the team barely seen on AEW TV despite reigning as AAA, IWGP, and ROH World Tag Team Champions.

“You look back to June or July, we were - and I'm saying this humbly - outside of [CM] Punk in AEW, and maybe Bryan [Danielson], and [Jon Moxley] as well...probably the hottest babyfaces in the company at the time," Harwood said. "There were no angles for us, no storylines. We ended up having like between six and seven tag team matches on television all year."

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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