Every Triple H WWE World Title Reign Ranked

Bow down to The King of Kings and check out his world title reigns ranked from worst to best!

13. WWE Championship - August 23, 1999 to September 14, 1999

Triple h first world title win

You might think that a big star like Triple H would have won his first world championship at one of WWE’s major pay-per-views.

Well, think again, because Hunter’s maiden WWE title run began the night after SummerSlam 1999. Trips, who had been part of the main event the night before, beat Mankind on Raw to reach the mountaintop for the first time. 

Did he then reign for many months, having classic matches in the process? No! He held the belt for just over three weeks before dropping it to Vince McMahon. The Genetic Jackhammer booked himself to win his own top championship from his own future son-in-law. 

Triple H’s first go at being world champion was a total flop, but luckily things would improve over time.

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