Inspiration behind Elias' Post-WWE Name Revealed

The former Elias has shared how he came to his new post-WWE moniker

WWE fans walked with Elias for the last time in late 2023, with the former ‘Drifter’ released by WWE in September 2023.

Since then, Elias has re-emerged on the independent scene, but as seen in a promotional video released at the start of 2024, he now goes by the name Elijah. During an appearance on Highspots’ Virtual Gimmick Table show, Elijah explained where the new name comes from:

“Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly right (I chose the name ‘Elijah’ due to his relationship with John the Baptist). That’s good. I love all the biblical names if you can’t tell by now. Elias, Ezekiel, Elijah, you got the Heavy Metal Jesus from my past life so yeah, that’s where Elijah comes from,” said Elijah.

Prior to his WWE release, Elijah/Elias had been part of WWE since 2014, working on the main roster from 2017 under the Elias name. He also portrayed Elias' brother Ezekiel on WWE TV in 2022, admitting that Kevin Owens was right following his WWE release.

In WWE, Elias held the 24/7 Championship on four occasions, and also won a Slammy Award during his time in the organisation.

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