Jim Ross Wants To Do Regular AEW Commentary With CM Punk

Punk has featured semi-regularly on AEW commentary

Jim Ross has revealed that one of his goals in All Elite Wrestling is to co-commentate a show with CM Punk on a regular basis. 

Punk has featured on AEW commentary a handful of times since joining the promotion in August, and also previously got on the headset during his time in WWE.

Ross is enjoying working with Punk at the commentary table and would relish the opportunity to form a regular duo with the Second City Saviour.

Speaking on the most recent episode of Grilling JR, he said: "Punk is a natural at doing commentary. There’s no doubt in my mind. One of my goals somewhere down the road would be to do a show on a regular basis with CM Punk. I think we would be terrific together.

"I know how he thinks and know how he works and you feed him things. I’m the point guard, and I’ve gotta get him the ball. That’s what I would like to try to do at some point in time. I’m not knocking working with Tony or Excalibur, even that’s what it’s gonna be made to be."

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