Joey Ryan Drops Lawsuit Against Pelle Primeau

His decision to dismiss without prejudice received criticism

Joey Ryan (Joseph Meehan) filed to dismiss his lawsuit against former Ring Of Honor wrestler Pelle Tschlis (Pelle Primeau) yesterday. 

Ryan tweeted: "I've filed to dismiss the Pennsylvania lawsuit too. We're all struggling with mental health, myself included. Him and I will never agree as to the events in 2013 but I could be more sympathetic. I went through something similar in 2018 and understand his pain. Hebrews 10:24."

Court documents obtained by Heel By Nature reveal Meehan's attorney filed to voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit without prejudice in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania US District Court. As Ryan filed to dismiss without prejudice, he has the right to refile until the statute of limitations expires. 

Ryan's decision to not file with prejudice was immediately criticised from across the wrestling world, including CM Punk who tweeted: "Dismiss it with prejudice if you mean what you say."

Meehan has dropped several lawsuits over the past few days and two of his cases were previously dismissed by Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald of the Central District of California. Ryan's breach-of-contract lawsuit against IMPACT Wrestling remains open. 

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