Jon Moxley Considered Going "Off The Grid" After Leaving WWE

Wasn't sure of his future...

A full year has passed since the man who was known as Dean Ambrose gave notice to WWE that he would be leaving at the expiration of his contract that spring.

Though Jon Moxley landed in All Elite Wrestling at the conclusion of its debut show (just four weeks after his WWE deal ran out), in his mind, him jumping to the new competitor wasn't a sure thing.

Moxley recently spoke with Fightful about his exit from WWE, and the consideration of his career options post-New York.

“I didn’t have a real clear vision of where my career was gonna go when I was leaving," Moxley admits. "I kinda thought I would take myself off Broadway, so to speak for a while. I was like, 'I don’t really know what I am or what I want to do any more.'

"I didn’t even have a clear vision for myself. I figured I’d disappear and go off the grid, and wrestle in Japan or somewhere else. Or put a mask on and do indies. I have no idea. I had no idea. I didn’t have a set plan."

Moxley says Chris Jericho was one of the biggest reasons he made the move to AEW, adding, "Even back then I knew that Jericho ain’t stupid. He’s always got his finger on the pulse.

"He’s one of the smarter guys and if he was gonna take a chance that this is for real, and risk his reputation and his time and he believed in it, it seemed like that was a sign that this could be for real.”

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