Kevin Owens' WWE Deal Set To Expire In 9 Months

Kevin Owens' WWE deal expiring in early 2025

Kevin Owens only has nine months left on his WWE deal, the former Universal Champion revealed to Metro

"I really don't take anything for granted, I've nine months left on my contract, and I don't know what can happen from here on out. That's just life. If I've learned anything over the last few years, it's that nothing is guaranteed. I've learned that through some very unfortunate events, we've lost so many good people that was never expected," Owens stated.

Although his contract is expiring, KO doesn't expect to leave the company as he added: "This has been my home for 10 years and it's beyond the locker room. There's some very, very, very special people that work behind the scenes that I've become very close with, and I really can't imagine not seeing them as part of my life."

Kevin Owens signed with WWE back in 2014. He signed a new multi-year deal in late 2021, with Owens stating that he re-signed with the company after Vince McMahon made it clear how much he wanted the now-39-year-old to stay with WWE. Owens also felt he wasn't finished with the organisation. 

WWE have re-signed Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins in recent weeks.

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