Prince Nana Details Last-Minute Return To ROH

Prince Nana returned to ROH at Death Before Dishonor 2022

Heading into Death Before Dishonor 2022, Ring of Honor were setting up its newest heel group for domination, with Tully Blanchard Enterprises set to become the biggest force in the company.

However, come the show and Blanchard was out of the group and out of the company, with Prince Nana returning to Ring of Honor to mould the team into the newest incarnation of The Embassy instead.

Speaking on an episode of AEW Unrestricted, Nana revealed how his return came about:

"One of my executive producers, his name is Gizzy G, we were having a business meeting that morning, kind of going over what the plans were for wrestling this year and moving on. We were doing it early. We were going through those things. I had just gotten back from Los Angeles, doing some independent dates out there. I don't want to say that I was thinking to myself, 'is it time to hang it up?' I don't want to say that, but I was more contemplating, what more can I do to give back as much as I can to the wrestling business without seeming selfish. Being on TV is an opportunity, it's not something everyone gets. I wanted to make sure I gave back in some way.

"We were having our discussion, it's probably 1:30 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I've been to AEW shows in the past because I have a ton of friends who supported me and they know I support the product. Boom, I got a text out of nowhere from one of the executive producers at AEW. 'Are you local? Are you in the area? We're having a situation where you can purchase something from us.' We had a little discussion, and next thing you know, Prince Nana has a lot of money, money is not an issue. Prince Nana was in Boston Massachusetts, we got the Tully Blanchard situation out of the way, he's a great legend that I respect and there is nobody's shoes that I would like to fill more than Tully Blanchard's. Everything that I did in the wrestling business came together on one day, July 23, and I'll always remember that day and the people involved. I met Tony Khan that day, I met him before, but I met him again that day. What a great meeting we had. The shrimp cocktails that night, they had the big juicy ones," recalled Nana.

Since taking charge of The Embassy, the group have gained possession of the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships, with Brian Cage and The Gates of Agony defeating Dalton Castle and The Boys at ROH Final Battle 2022.

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