Report: Latest On WWE's Gambling Plans

Things are reportedly not going well for WWE's plans to enter the legalised gambling market

WWE's attempts to get into the legalised betting market are not going well, according to a new report. 

The company have been in discussions with state regulators in Colorado, Michigan, and elsewhere in a bid to legalise betting on matches. Part of this process would include mapping out storylines and match winners months in advance, and not disclosing match results to talent until shortly before bouts took place. 

Speaking about the subject during a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer intimated that WWE have encountered some issues in their pursuit, saying:

"They're not very receptive to it; not WWE, but the [gaming] commissions. One of the commissions pretty much said no... MGM Grand, the books there don't want to take any action on professional wrestling. They just thought that the idea was, on the surface, completely ludicrous. Most states do not allow betting on the Academy Awards. There are states that do. I think there's seven. And [WWE's] thing was, 'If you can bet on the Academy Awards, why can't you bet on us? And we'll do the same safeguards the Academy Awards do'. If it were to happen — we've talked about this before — it's just an incredible headache to the creative team, the wrestlers, everyone. I don't expect anything soon, but they're trying in several states, and we'll see what happens".

Meltzer further described the move as a 'disaster waiting to happen', due to how easily insider information could leak out. 

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