Report: Stress Levels Fall Within Titan Towers Following Vince McMahon's WWE Exit

A happier WWE since Vince McMahon left

Life has improved for WWE employees at Titan Towers since Vince McMahon resigned as CEO and Chairman on July 22, according to a new report from PWInsider

The energy within the company's headquarters is said to be up following McMahon's departure due to a much better work-life balance for staff. Many staff were reportedly fearful under McMahon that if they put themselves before the company it would eventually come back to hurt their standing within the organisation. The expectation in the past was also that staff should never turn off their phones due to the possibility of receiving calls during the night and employees were expected to work 'insane hours' if McMahon was doing so. 

Furthermore, one staff member described bumping into Vince in the office as "like running into the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, you didn't want to call attention to yourself." 

That has all ultimately changed under the new regime of Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Paul 'Triple H' Levesque. PWInsider noted staff are less stressed as the feeling is they can go home at a normal hour without feeling guilty. Should staff come across the new management team around the office, they are also able to have polite conversations about their families and interests, as well as concerns within the organisation. Phones do still remain on after work but "there's now room for staffers to breathe, enjoy working there and know that it doesn't need to be their 'unending purpose in life.'"

The new regime have also introduced improvements to WWE's creative process. Find out more here.

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