Scrypts Reveal Set For November 22 NXT

Scrypts will finally reveal themselves on NXT

After several weeks of mysterious vignettes and phonecalls, Scrypts is set to reveal themselves to NXT.

The mysterious character left another voice altered answer machine message on the November 15 edition of NXT, saying the following:

“Your cameras couldn't catch me. I got past your guards with ease. Now that I'm here, everything after this will only be a breeze.

“Because I'm fast as lightning, smarter than you think. Moves are incredible, you miss it if you blink.

“Next week, you will see that you and I aren't the same. So tell me… Who's the first to play a little game?

“Sincerely, Scrypts”

No indication has been given as to who is portraying the Scrypts character, although some fans have suggested it could be a high-flying lucha character, or possibly even a returning Tyler Breeze, due to the wording of this latest message.

The first Scrypts vignette aired on October 25, with some at the time believing it could be an alais for the soon to be returning Dominik Dijakovic. However, Dijakovic has had a separate series of vignettes running concurrently with the Scrypts saga, seemingly ruling the former T-Bar out of the running.

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