Shawn Michaels Would Love To Have CM Punk In WWE NXT

Shawn Michaels wants CM Punk back in WWE

Shawn Michaels would love for CM Punk to return to WWE and be a part of NXT.

WWE's Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative said during the pre-No Mercy media call: 

"I always enjoy working with Phil. Again, I didn't get to do it much, but I don't know. I'll say this. I understood him. I think there were, whether you want to say there were similarities in us. Look, I can't lie. He, once again, we were at TV, and he once pulled out of his wallet, right there on the spot, a little autograph that I guess I had apparently signed for him in a hotel that he still had. So, I've always liked him. 

"And I understand he's a different kind of cat and can sometimes be challenging to get along with people, but again, that's probably why I like him because I suffer from the same thing. So, but still, look, obviously, that's for people to decide, higher up on the food chain than I am. He's a guy that does numbers and makes money. I think that would be a risk, reward ratio that I'm sure, from a company standpoint, they'd have to consider, but when it comes to, would we take him in NXT and have him on our television? Are you kidding me? Of course, I would. I just don't think anybody would let me."

Michaels then added, "Who doesn't take that kind of star power?"

CM Punk is currently a free agent following his firing with cause by All Elite Wrestling earlier this month. As of last word, there were major stumbling blocks to Punk returning to WWE. WWE President Nick Khan did wish CM Punk nothing but the best in a recent interview, though. 

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