Stephanie McMahon's Super Slap & The Wrong Way To Take A Pedigree: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

How much to take a smack from 'The Billion Dollar Princess'?

9. No Longer The Queen

Francine ecw

When WWE relaunched ECW in the summer of 2006, they initially brought in some names from the promotion's past, including the likes of Danny Doring, Justin Credible and Tony Mamaluke, to fill out the undercards.

Inevitably, they all ended up getting their release before too long. 

One of the ECW Original acquisitions that may have slipped under the radar was the signing of Francine, who endured a similar fate. 

The Queen of Extreme only made a few appearances on television and was mostly relegated to house show bikini contest duty before being released after just a few months. 

Francine opened up about the experience in an interview with The Hannibal TV.

According to her, she was frustrated in the organisation and requested to do stuff like taking the finisher of Kevin Thorn, then feuding with Balls Mahoney, who Francine was managing at the time. 

"I walked over to Vince and I said, 'Can I take Kevin Thorn’s finisher?' instead of what we were supposed to do. He said, 'No, Francine, we don’t do that here. I was just like, 'Well, what do you do here?'. You know what I mean? I’m willing to bump and work, and [Vince McMahon] shot me right down. 

'Nope, we don’t do that here'. I was just like, 'Okay'. What can you do? There’s nothing you can do when you pitch everything under the sun and you’re just told ‘no’ over and over again. I don’t even know why they hired me, to be honest with you". 

She elaborated on her relationship with the WWE Chairman, including a frosty meeting between the two: 

"He’s like, 'You have to do something to impress me and let me know', blah blah blah. And I’m like, 'Vince, I’m here to work, I just wanna work'. I was like, 'I’m sorry, sir', and he’s like, 'Stop saying sorry', and I said, 'Sorry'. He’s like, 'I told you to stop apologizing'. He started hollering at me, and I was just like, 'Okay'. Then I was afraid to say anything. 

Vince then told her to 'smack him on the back' next time she saw him, regardless of what he was doing. 

"I saw him at the end of the corridor, he was so far away from me. He was with a bunch of suits. I ran up to him like an a**hole and I ran and I smacked him on the back. He looked at me and I said, 'Hey Vince! What do you got for me?'. He kind of looked at me and then he grabbed me and he hugged me, and he was like, 'That’s my girl', and he walked away". 

I'm not surprised. Everyone knows if you really want Vince's attention, you need to, at least, tackle him to the ground. 

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