Update On Joey Ryan-IMPACT Wrestling Lawsuit

The case continues...

Back in September, Joey Ryan (Joseph R. Meehan) filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Davidson County, Tennessee against Anthem Wrestling LLC, IMPACT Wrestling's parent company. Meehan alleged Anthem breached his contract when he was fired in June and is seeking damages of $10 million. Ryan was fired after at least 17 sexual abuse allegations were levied against him during the Speaking Out movement. 

Within the five-page lawsuit, Ryan stated he signed a two-year deal with the company on September 1, 2019, which was breached on June 22, 2020, when Anthem fired him. You can read more about the lawsuit here

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported Meehan filed a request for summary judgement against Anthem on November 27, alleging Anthem took too long to respond to the lawsuit. 

Within the filing, Meehan states Anthem was served with the lawsuit on September 24 and had 30 days to respond. The company received a 30-day extension and allegedly failed to respond in a timely manner. 

Anthem responded to the lawsuit on December 4 and denied all of Ryan's allegations against them. The company argued Meehan's contract was for two years "unless earlier terminated" and claimed Ryan "misstates" his exhibits, including his contract with IMPACT Wrestling. Anthem also noted they released a statement on Meehan's exit "so that Anthem's audience would not expect immediate appearances by Plaintiff at wrestling events produced by Anthem." 

Since Anthem's response was after their 30-day extension, Ryan's attorney is arguing Anthem is in default under the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure and there is "no reason to delay in entry of a Final Judgment" because Anthem is neither "an incompetent or a minor" but "failed and refused" to respond in a timely manner. 


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