Update On Possible Lucha Underground Revival

Rumours have been swirling about a resurgence

Recent rumours have suggested that cult wrestling TV show Lucha Underground could be returning, with several trademarks filed earlier this week.

Alleged to be rebooted in the MLW universe due to the recent formation of Azteca Underground, the news of a potential Lucha Underground relaunch has caused excitement amongst fans, and now more details on the project’s future have emerged.

Writing in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said the following on Lucha Underground:

“For the new project, the idea is to get together as much of the original team, both creative and on-air, as would be possible. I’m not sure what the situation would be for Matt Striker, who is now the voice of Impact. If this gets off the ground, and it’s always an if because it depends on the ability to sell it. The market right now is actually not that bad in the sense stations are talking. But nobody major has pulled the trigger on another wrestling promotion yet, even with the success of AEW.

“There is not the idea that non-WWE pro wrestling can work [on television] and they are clamouring for sports and sports-like content. Even so, and even with AEW as a second brand doing far better than any MMA second brand, it’s in MMA that this is most notable. We’ve just seen new deals with Bellator, ONE, Combate Globo and PFL and know Invicta may be next and these are real deals, Showtime, TNT, Univision (Combate was on before but this new deal is for 30 shows a year) and ESPN 2 (an existing deal renewed as well). Obviously wrestling hasn’t been able to pull the trigger in the sense MLW, New Japan and NWA among others haven’t been able to get on stations at anywhere near the visibility level that the MMA groups have.”

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