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Saraya Gets Physical On AEW Dynamite

After recently signing with AEW, many hoped it would only be a matter of time before Saraya got physical in an AEW ring. After reports emerged that the former WWE Divas Champion had not been...


Saraya Recalls Being 'Miserable' In WWE

Saraya’s return to the ring has been nothing short of triumphant, with the former NXT Women’s Champion enjoying a heel run at the top of AEW after several years out of action. During her her...


Saraya Reveals AEW Backup Plans

When Saraya rocked up in AEW at Grand Slam 2022 in September it was a welcome surprise, with the former WWE Divas Champion soon getting the all-clear to wrestle once more. Saraya would end a...


Sarray Comments On Her WWE NXT Run

Sareee - formerly Sarray - recently departed WWE NXT, with the Japanese star having not wrestled on NXT TV since August 2022. Despite Sareee’s NXT run being somewhat underwhelming due in part to...


Sarray To Make NXT Debut Next Week

NXT’s newest signing Sarray is set to debut for the Black and Gold brand next week. Formerly known as Sareee in Japan, Sarray originally announced her arrival to NXT in February 2020, but the...