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Doug Williams Coming Out Of Retirement

Doug Williams today announced on his Twitter account that he is coming out of retirement. The former TNA X Division Champion took a hiatus in 2018, returned in 2019, and had his last match in...


EC3 Explains Why He Signed With ROH

Ring of Honor’s EC3 recently spoke with TV Insider, detailing why he joined ROH after his release from WWE in 2020. Speaking ahead of the ROH 19th Anniversary Show on March 26, EC3 said the...


EC3 Signs With Ring Of Honor

Ring of Honor has announced that EC3 has signed an official contract with the company. The former IMPACT World Champion and NXT star made his debut for the company in October 2020 after a brief run...


Eric Bischoff Talks WWE Firing In 2019

As seen this week, Eric Bischoff is now an inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame, a well deserved accolade no matter your thoughts on the man. A high profile run as head of WCW was followed by several...

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