10 Worst Hulk Hogan Pay-Per-View Matches Ever

Oh brother...

8. Vs. The Butcher - WCW Starrcade 1994

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WCW's acquisition of Hulk Hogan in 1994 was anathema to the organisation's long-time fans, who valued traditional pro wrasslin' storylines and matches, as opposed to the supposedly phony glitz and glamour of Vince McMahon's promotion. 

Hogan was everywhere and, before long, was in possession of the WCW World Heavyweight Title. 

Who would he square off with at Starrcade, WCW's biggest event? Perhaps a round with the monster Vader? A dream match with Sting? A Mega Powers reunion with Randy Savage?

No, he was main-eventing the biggest pay-per-view of the calendar year against Brutus Beefcake The Zodiac The Booty Man The Man With No Name The Disciple Brother Bruti The Butcher. 

Because wherever Hogan goes, his buddy Ed Leslie is never too far behind. 

And his friendship with Hogan is the only reason he got his spot here, as clear an example of wrestling nepotism as there ever was. 

Naturally, the two pals didn't bother putting the work in, half-arsing their way through a match full of choking, slapping, biting, raking and just about anything else that doesn't actually result in some sort of impact. 

Ric Flair versus Harley Race it was not. 

Hogan won (pretty easily) and then got into a post-match fracas with the Dungeon of Doom, before he was saved by Savage, to mercifully end what had been a pitiful conclusion to a bad pay-per-veiw. 

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