10 Worst Hulk Hogan Pay-Per-View Matches Ever

Oh brother...

9. Vs. Triple H - WWE Backlash 2002

Hulk hogan triple h backlash 2002 leg drop

The Hulkster's return to WWE after a nine-year absence saw him saunter in as one of the de-facto top heels as leader of the New World Order, but quickly turn babyface when the power of nostalgia washed over millions of Hulkamaniacs while he and The Rock stole the show at WrestleMania X8. 

So it was 'goodbye' to the black and white and 'hello' once again to the iconic red and yellow, as Hogan set his sights on new Undisputed Champion Triple H, the match made for the main event of Backlash. 

It was babyface versus babyface and, in the early going, there were enough good exchanges to trick the audience into believing that this could be something pretty decent. 

Sadly, that wasn't to be, as a major chunk of this 20-minute snoozer was The Game working the leg or otherwise trying to retain his title with a Sleeper. 

Hogan hit his usual, though it appeared as though he did so in slow-motion, before the ref bump and run-in parade commenced with Chris Jericho and The Undertaker getting involved. 

Hulk won with his leg drop and the two men had a respectful handshake after the contest, though I am assuming Hunter was seething at his title run lasting a month and having his thunder (in paradise?) stolen by another master politician. 

Anyway, it was a thoroughly rotten pay-per-view main event and looked really slow and outdated on a show featuring the likes of future headliners Kurt Angle, Edge, Rob Van Dam, Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar working an intense and fast-paced style. 

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