Big Lucha Ends Relationship With Travis Banks, Bandido Apologises

Banks had wrestled for the promotion

In a video on social media, Bandido has apologised for booking former WWE NXT UK Superstar Travis Banks and announced that his promotion Big Lucha have ended their relationship with the 34-year-old. 

Banks had been out of professional wrestling since the Speaking Out movement but he resurfaced in September, appearing in a Battle Royal at a Big Lucha show. 

Banks' appearance received a backlash from fans and Bandido later apologised for booking the former PROGRESS World Champion and said he would do better in the future. 

Banks, however, continued to train wrestlers at Bandido's gym and it has been rumoured that Banks wrestled for Big Lucha again at the promotion's October 30 show, this time under a mask as Galactico. 

Bandido once again received a backlash on social media for seemingly booking Banks and the ROH World Champion issued an apology on Tuesday, announcing Big Lucha and Bandido gym had ended their relationship with Banks. 

Bandido said: 

"Today I want to talk about the Travis Banks situation. Before I say anything, I want you to know and make clear that I'm stepping up for this and if I hurt the feelings or emotions of any fans around the world, from the bottom of my heart I am really really sorry. There is no excuse or words that can express how ashamed and sad I feel. For the people that don't know me and for those who do know that I am a very happy, respectful, kind, friendly and caring person that goes all over the world making people feel happy and joyful. And if it's okay, my possibilities help the people around me. That is my life's ideology. 

"I met Travis Banks in Europe and he helped me a lot when I was there. So when he came to Mexico I felt that I had to help him, like Mexicans do. It's part of our culture to help others and believe in second chances. So I owed him a favour and I tried to return it. 

"I am the face of Big Lucha and my intention is to make things right and try to be better in this mistake. So I really want to apologise to all the people that felt offended. I was trying to be a good guy but unfortunately, that decision caused a lot of troubles and problems. I want to say, Millie McKenzie, I don't have the pleasure to meet you but if I hurt your feelings, if at some point I affected your emotions I would just want to say I'm really sorry. I don't have other words to express how I feel about that. I feel bad with that. For that reason, me and the Big Lucha and Bandido Gym family had to let Travis Banks go from our dojo and end any kind of relationship with him. 

"Thank you to all the fans, all the comments and thank you to all the people that support me in the good times and the bad times. God bless to you all, thank you very much."

Millie McKenzie accused Travis Banks of emotional abuse during the Speaking Out movement. McKenzie and Banks began a secret relationship when she was a 17-year-old trainee at Fight Club: PRO, where the then 30-year-old Banks was a coach. 

Banks was subsequently released by WWE in June 2020. 

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