Dax Harwood Reveals He Was Upset By The Build To First Young Bucks Match

Dax Harwood wasn't happy about Young Bucks vs. FTR I

After years of speculation and what-if scenarios, the dream match between The Young Bucks and FTR finally took place at Full Gear 2020. The match ultimately lived up to expectations and The Young Bucks picked up the win to capture the AEW World Tag Team Titles with a Superkick after Cash Wheeler missed a 450 Splash.

Speaking about the first match with The Young Bucks on his FTR podcast, Dax Harwood admitted he was unhappy with how the match played out, noting he felt FTR were simply the backdrop to more drama with Hangman Page and The Bucks. 

"When I looked back on it, wrong or right, I'm not saying I'm right. I'm saying this is how anxiety works, this is how insecurity works, and a lot of these things I was fighting with. I'm not a perfect human being, I'm trying my best to be better. When I looked back on it and when I realised things weren't going to go the way we had expected them to go and the way, maybe, we were told. I look back on the angle and I started thinking, I don't know if this was purposeful, it probably wasn't, but I was like, 'Man, the Young Bucks and FTR was a backdrop, leading up to Hangman Page and Young Bucks,'" Harwood began.

"After the match, where hopefully we could have gotten a little bit of focus when we were crawling up the stage, the commentators could have said, 'They left their comfort zone and they tried to play the Young Bucks game and it didn't work, now the Young Bucks have finally proven they are the best tag team in the world. What will FTR feel? How will they think?' We got Omega and Page coming out and we were an afterthought. Thinking about it in 2023, if that's what the company wanted, that's okay. Thinking about in 2020 and 2021, I was bitter and upset about it because I felt that we were brought in, given a short title reign, and we were going to be forgotten about," Harwood added.

Harwood was also unhappy with the build to Full Gear as it didn't portray the match as the two best tag teams in the world facing each other for the first time. 

"It wasn't built up to that, and it should have been. The story of the match told that, but the build-up didn't. I can confidently say that the four guys in the match didn't feel the build-up was done well either. With 2023 eyes, I look back and say, 'If that's what the company wanted to, that's their prerogative,' but me, with a completely different mindset and my brain freaking out on me, I was taking everything as the world was against me. I was kind of upset. Now, I look back, and say, 'It was a Saturday,'" Dax continued.

Harwood also discussed the match, further, noting he felt lied to by AEW in the aftermath. 

"I felt like we were a backdrop. I felt that everything we had been promised, when we came in, we were promised that the tag division was going to be built around these two teams, and I felt it wasn't being built around us. I felt we were lied to and at the time we were being lied to. I think my relationship with Tony got even more strained, I felt the relationship with the Bucks completely deteriorated. I take the blame for that. I take the blame for it because I shouldn't have taken wrestling so seriously. If Tony decided that he didn't think we were in that league or we should've been presented in a certain way, it's his company. Same thing with Vince (McMahon). I hold no ill will towards Vince or Tony (Khan). 

"Tony is one of my closest buds now and I love him for what he's done for me and my family. I should've looked back and said, 'If Tony doesn't look at us in this light, what can I do to prove him wrong?' Instead, I had the same thought, but I was going to be combative and fight for it, and I shouldn't have. It's his company. If there were, if there are ill feelings between us and the Young Bucks, it was because we took it personally and we shouldn't have taken it personally. I think they took how we felt personally, and they probably should have because we probably weren't being the best team players at that point. I can speak for me, I wasn't being the best team player because of all the s**t I had going on in my brain.

"Me thinking about the follow-up is when things started to go south for me. There was no follow-up. Why are we being presented this way and treated this way? Getting into my own head. We had a lot of meetings with Tony during this time period. From the time 2021 started to right after I had my anxiety attack and I started to get on the good side of that. We had a lot of talks with Tony. I remember telling him, 'Tony, I want you to present us as 1A and 1B with the Young Bucks.' He said, 'You guys are 1A and 1B.' I think he did think that. I think he thought that in the world of wrestling, the best tag teams in the world, we were 1A and 1B. I didn't feel that we were being presented that way, but I think he did feel that way. I think he felt we were the two greatest tag teams in the world and he thought that was good enough. It probably was good enough and should've been good enough, but to me, it wasn't."

The Young Bucks and FTR would clash again in April 2022, a match which FTR won. Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler had a banner year in 2022, holding the AAA, ROH, and IWGP tag team titles. 

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