Jim Ross Wants To Call An FTR Briscoes Rematch

FTR vs. The Briscoes is a MOTY candidate, and Jim Ross wants to see round two

It’s been hailed as one of the matches of the year so far, and fans are already clamouring for an FTR Briscoe Brothers rematch after their ROH Supercard of Honor banger.

It’s not just wrestling fans who are eager for FTR Briscoes II though, as AEW commentator Jim Ross has said he wants to call a potential second clash between the two teams, saying on the Grillin’ JR podcast:

“FTR has roughly elevated themselves to arguably the best tag team in the world,” said Ross. “The match they had recently with The Young Bucks was nothing but stimulating. I thought it was just terrific. The match they had with The Briscoes, I'd like to see that match returned, because I'd like to call it. I like The Briscoes’ game, there are really good.”

If a rematch is in the works then it may not occur in an AEW ring, as WarnerMedia higher ups are reportedly not keen on AEW working with The Briscoes, due to past homophobic comments made by Jay Briscoe on social media.

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