10 Scariest WWE Moments

Scenes even more blood-curling than current WWE booking!

9. Savage By Name...

Randy savage ricky steamboat throat


If you think of Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage, you're likely to immediately flash back to their epic, showstealing encounter at WrestleMania III. 

Still regarded by many as one of - if not the - greatest WrestleMania match ever, it was a technical tour de force that, in many ways, changed the business forever. 

It shouldn't be forgotten, though, that The Dragon and the Macho Man's Intercontinental Title bout was taking place on the back of a very effective and, in many ways, rather scary angle. 

The two met on the November 22, 1986 episode of Superstars of Wrestling, with Steamboat challenging for Savage's IC strap. It ended in a countout, but most don't remember the match quality (it was good, duh) or the result, but rather Randy's post-match attack. 

He first hurt Ricky by hitting him while his throat was draped across the guardrail at ringside, before dragging him inside and coming off the top rope with the ring bell. 

It looked like he was trying to decapitate him, as Steamboat convincingly convulsed in pain and was stretchered out of the arena while the commentators speculated on his condition. 

For the kids eating their cereal and watching this on their television at home, it must have been terrifying. WWE just didn't really do this sort of angle in that era. 

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