Dax Harwood Reveals He Suffered A Legitimate Knee Injury On AEW: Dynamite

FTR won't be in action on Tag Team Appreciation Night...

On last week's episode of Dynamite, FTR teamed with The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and "Hangman" Adam Page against The Dark Order and Colt Cabana. Dax Harwood wasn't involved in the match for very long, however, as he appeared to suffer a knee injury after he draped 5 across his leg and Cash Wheeler connected with an Elbow Drop. Dax quickly grabbed his knee after the move and was carried backstage by his tag team partner and Page.

While the knee problem appeared to be part of a storyline, particularly as Adam Page helped him to the back, Harwood confirmed on the Battleground podcast that the injury was genuine and he is currently taking precautionary measures before getting an MRI. The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion also revealed he has a "terrible knee" because a doctor left a button in the joint during a previous surgery which then chipped away at his cartilage over the next decade.

Harwood said: "I had a clean out of my knee and come to find out the doctor who did my surgery in 2004 left an actual pants button in my knee. Yeah, it's a long story. Anyway, that button had been in there for a decade or whatever and had been chipping away at my cartilage and so, I have this terrible knee. It's gotten way better but I wear the brace on the knee only for mental, it helps me when I'm in the ring because I don't have to think about it if I have that brace on. 

"Anyway, Cash came off the rope with the Elbow Drop, I just kind of tweaked my knee a little bit. And I haven't gotten an MRI yet to check it out but I'm doing some rehab and icing it and just taking precautionary measures. The only bad thing is is that we have looked so forward to Tag Team Appreciation Night on August 12 Dynamite, and we were looking forward to having a match and killing it and bringing back tag team wrestling on that special show, but we're not gonna be able to do that because of the injury."

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