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Jeff Hardy Confirms He's Joining AEW

Jeff Hardy is set to join AEW. The news comes from Hardy himself, who confirmed he was set to join AEW during an interview with Jared Myers, with POST Wrestling later confirming the story. Since...


Jeff Jarrett Appears At GCW Die 4 This

If 2021 proved that GCW aren’t afraid of booking shocking surprises, then 2022 has cemented this reputation, as WWE Hall of Famer and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett made a...


Jeff Jarrett Compares AEW To TNA

Since AEW’s inception in 2019, they have been compared to the likes of WCW, and TNA, both positively and negatively. TNA founder Jeff Jarrett has been asked his thoughts on comparisons between...


Jeff Jarrett Praises AEW’s Cody Rhodes

Jeff Jarrett has been doing the media rounds recently in support of his new My World podcast with Conrad Thompson, including a sit down with our very own Tom Campbell. In a separate interview with...